Kate is a warm, genuine, easy going and non-judgemental Counsellor and Wellness Coach, passionate about improving the mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing of the community. She takes a person centred and strengths-based approach to create a safe environment for her clients to be raw, open and honest as they unpack, explore and process any thoughts, feelings, beliefs and experiences holding them back, to make space for growth, transformation and change.

Kate is especially passionate about supporting women during the perinatal period as they navigate their transition into Matrescence – “the transition into Motherhood” and the complex changes that occur in this life stage to ensure that Mothers get the nurturing, support, and gentle encouragement to engage in proactive self-care practices needed to thrive as individuals and parents.

Kate holds a Bachelor of Counselling and Coaching from the Australian College of Applied Psychology (accredited by the International Coaching Federation), is a volunteer crisis supporter for lifeline and youth intake worker for Headspace. She has also managed a boutique health and fitness centre for the past nine years which fuels her passion for providing holistic support that encompass all areas of a person’s health for optimal wellbeing.

She is professionally trained to provide a unique blend of counselling and coaching to not only support the mental and emotional wellbeing of her clients during difficult times, but also to empower her clients to learn new coping skills and ways of thinking, uncover their personal strengths and inner resources, build resilience, confidence and self-belief that can be drawn on in any situation to overcome challenges and live a life of meaning, purpose, and passion.

Kate integrates a variety of tools from CBT, positive psychology, narrative therapy, ACT, motivational interviewing, and mindfulness to support each individual and their unique needs. Kate is available to support men, women, and young people over the age of 16 in person at Meraki Wellness Centre, online and as walk and talk sessions in areas such as;

anxiety and depression                  general stress and overwhelm

managing emotions                          navigating life changes/ unexpected changes

relationships                                         pregnancy, birth, motherhood, and parenting

grief and loss                                        self-worth and confidence

school exams and stress                business, career, and study goals

health and fitness                              self-care and general wellbeing  

                  body image                                            personal goals, dreams and aspirations


Kate currently works from the Coastal Wellness Cottage in East Gosford and offers in person, online and phone sessions.

To learn more about Kate Landete Counselling or to book a session please head to


 Kates “WHY”

Landete Health started in 2012 when our first child was born so the business has always been closely aligned with our current stage of life, becoming parents, and has grown and adapted as our personal journey has. So it has always been heavily focused on our passion – promoting health and wellbeing for women and new parents during the perinatal period (from conception, pregnancy and birth through to the first year with baby) and beyond because let’s face it – the challenges of parenting never stop at any age do they. Through Landete Health we have supported hundreds of women and their families through exercise with personal training, our post natal program and mums and bubs exercise groups.

I have met some truly amazing and inspiring women through these programs and it was always a dream of mine to add counselling and coaching services for Mums to our business for a unique, holistic approach that emphasises the importance of physical, mental, emotional and social health to optimise wellbeing. I began my degree of counselling/coaching through the Australian College of Applied Psychology in 2015 so that I could develop the skills, knowledge, theory, practical experience and develop as deep an understanding as I possibly could of how I can best help and support mums and anyone else in need.

Because becoming a mother has been one of the most rewarding but at the same time challenging experiences of my life. You can be so full of love, excitement and joy one moment, but terrified, confused, overwhelmed and incredibly lonely the next. It is life changing, yet there seems to be this idea that Mums need to bounce back to their former lives and former selves and act like they have it all together. I often found myself thinking that wouldn’t it be beautiful if Mums felt like they could be raw, honest, open and vulnerable about their experience, ask questions, get ideas and find strength and support in other women by talking and sharing about what is happening for them in a safe, non judgemental, empowering space. It is my mission to create that space and you are all invited.

As well as individual counselling and coaching sessions, Kate offers a range of group programs designed to support, nourish and empower women and Mums.

“THRIVING IN MOTHERHOOD” –  6 week program combining exercise and an open forum coaching format to promote physical, emotional and mental wellbeing for Mums. Motherhood is a beautiful and rewarding stage of life that can also be overwhelming and confusing, so this program encourages women to not only get moving and exercise, but also to think about, talk about and explore all aspects of motherhood and their experiences within a safe, supportive, non judgemental space. This program creates a space for Mums to be open, honest, raw, and vulnerable. To ask questions, share ideas, find support in other Mums, realise their inner strengths and other resources and develop life long skills to help them THRIVE not just survive in Motherhood.

“ONLINE MOTHERS GROUP”  – 6 week online support group for expecting and new mums to come together and connect with other Women in the same life stage and have a safe and supportive space to share, explore and process the experience of becoming a Mother. This group focuses on the health and wellbeing of the Mum who has also just been born and needs as much nourishment as her newborn.


Contact Kate to connect, learn more about what counselling and personal coaching involves and how she can help you to flourish in all stages and areas of your life.

No referals required, rebates available through some private health funds, please enquire directly with your health fund.

Email – katelandetecounselling@gmail.com
Phone – 0403720486

Personal Training

Live life to its fullest.

Group Fitness

Achieve your fitness goals

Pre and Post natal
health and fitness

Supporting, empowering and educating


"I started training with Les when I was 16 weeks pregnant. I was unsure of what exercises would be safe to do during pregnancy and needed some guidance. Les always made me feel safe and comfortable, and his knowledge on pre and post natal training made me feel confident that my baby and I were in safe hands. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Les and Landete Health to anyone looking for both pregnancy specific training and training for all round health and fitness".  

Belinda - 2019


"I can't recommend Landete Health enough. I have enjoyed every class I have attended and have found Les very motivating and knowledgeable. It's great to have personal training on the coast that is accommodating to children and offers such variety in exercises. Thanks for helping me get my pre-bubba strength back, Les!".

Krystal - 2019


"I found Landete Heath after researching post partum programs on the Central Coast. LH had great reviews and seemed less intimidating than signing up to a gym directly. I was a gym junky before kids but after the birth of my second, I was unsure about the capabilities of my body. Yes, I has just delivered an amazing 10 pound girl and achieved this huge feat but at the same time i felt weak, my back was sore and my body was still recovering from carrying Bub for 10 months. I got clearance from my doctor to exercise 3 months post partum. Rocking up to the LH warehouse was an instant relief. There was a safe place for my two year old to play and my newborn was cosy in her pram. The other small group of mums were welcoming and I felt great - we were all nervous and apprehensive, unsure what to expect and if we could cope. Les was wonderful. He explained the program and got us to do exercises we were capable of and familiar with. The next six weeks were amazing. Completing the program completely returned my confidence in my body and without it I think I would have continued in a rut, not exercising or pushing myself. I would recommend this program to everyone that has had a baby, no matter the circumstances of the birth".

Stella  - 2019


"Feeling so motivated after finishing the 6 week post-natal program with Landete Health. It’s great to know I’ve started building up my fitness again the safe way with Les’ expertise. Knowing my baby was in the capable hands of Kate meant I could concentrate on my workout. Thank you Les and Kate for offering a really important and successful program to Mummas on the Coast!". 

Amy - 2018


"52 and never been to a gym. Les in just 6 weeks has helped me begin to build fitness and strength as well as actually enjoy working out.Thanks Les".

Adrian D - 2019


"Landete Health has a very welcoming atmosphere, nice setup and excellent instructors that give you personal attention and positive feedback. Sessions are high energy, fun and designed to suit everyone. Def recommended".

Adrian M  - 2018


"I’m just coming to the end of the buddy Fitbod challenge and could not be happier with my results. My aim when starting this was to improve my health & I’ve gone beyond my expectations including improved mental health! Les and Kate are THE MOST supportive team I’ve EVER worked with. They know how to push you without pushing you over the edge which is exactly what I needed. I’d HIGHLY recommend this amazing facility to anyone, especially if you’re feeling cautious about getting back into things/new to gyms. I’ve never felt so energised & happy! Thanks guys xxxx".

Natalie B - 2018





“If you want results in a kid friendly, positive, motivating atmosphere then you need to see Les and Kate at Landete Health. Landete health is not just another gym or fitness class it’s a total mind and body transformation station. After having another bub recently and tipping the scales a lot heavier than I wanted to, I took up an offer for 6 PT sessions and 6 classes of my choice and also rounded up some ladies from mothers group and started a 6 week post natal class. The results have been amazing. I knew when I went back to see Les that I’d see results but I had no idea I would see them so fast. I have more energy and just feeling awesome all round. Honestly love coming to Landete Health". 

Michelle – 2017


“After I had my 2nd child, I was so nervous about training and thought I would never join a group program out of fear of being the most unfit, and being left behind.One of my friends recommend Landete, and I am so glad that they did, because the program worked for all fitness levels and it gave me a bit more confidence to keep going. I really enjoyed the training. Les was amazing, and so was Kate, who looked after the babies. This is such a great program for mums". 

Sally B – July 2017


"Having already trained with Landete Health for 2 years prior to falling pregnant, I understood the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle. Once pregnant, I wanted to continue this lifestyle in an environment where I felt safe, comfortable, encouraged and challenged within the parameters of pregnancy. I started Personal Training sessions at 16 weeks after attending regular classes became too much. I continued a once-weekly program until I reached 35 weeks. I delivered a healthy, happy baby at 36 (+2) weeks. I believe the combination of strength training, light cardio and stretching allowed me to feel strong throughout labour and assisted me to achieve a natural childbirth with no complications. My next step is to begin Landete Health’s Post-Natal program in order to recover from pregnancy and birthing. I have recommended Landete Health to many people in the past and I continue to recommend them as the clear first choice for fitness and personal training on the Central Coast! Thanks guys!

Rach. L – July 2016





Post Natal Program

“I started the Post-Natal program when my daughter was 3 months old and I found it a great way to get back into an exercise program. Les tailored the program accordingly and each week was a little more challenging than the last. Having Kate look after the babies while the group exercised was wonderful and allowed the group to focus on our training. I would definitely recommend this program to Mums looking at getting back into exercise after having a baby.

Sophie. R – January 2016


“After having baby number two I was so keen to get back into exercise (as I have always been active) but wanted to do it safely without injury post baby. I was lucky to find Landete Health with Les and Kate. They focused specifically on post natal exercise and you can exercise with your baby near by which is perfect! I have loved the training sessions with Les they are always varied and Kate is so great looking after all the babies at once. I feel fitter, stronger and am now 6 months post baby number 2. Thanks Kate and Les you are both doing a fantastic job!

Camilla – March 2015


I started post natal fitness with Landete Health after the birth of my first son. I would never have envisioned the knowledge, enjoyment and results I achieved in a short period of time. I enjoy the small classes of four and appreciate how Les has guided, nurtured, educated and encouraged me to promote a healthy lifestyle through fitness. He has pushed me to achieve my goals in a safe and fun manner. I am able to perform a proper workout whilst Kate cares for my son, alleviating the pressure of having to arrange baby sitting or waiting until after hours when my husband comes home. Les has even incorporated my son into my exercise routine so that I am able to perform workouts at home. I am now continuing to exercise whilst pregnant with my second child and feel motivated to stay healthy throughout this pregnancy.

L Wade August 2014


Corporate Fitness

"North recently attended Landete Health for one of our Fun Friday team building events. Badged “Fit Fun Friday”, Les promised to provide a session to give newcomers to fitness a fun experience of group training and to really challenge the fittest of our team. Right from the initial welcome and pre-screening, through some smiles and laughter during the warmup to the last exhausting moments of the “Fit Fun Friday Filthy Fifty (500) Finisher”, Les provided the North team with a highly professional, enjoyable and demanding workout. We had a great time and will be back for another session soon! Thanks Les"

R. Millar – 2017

“Portable Analytical Solutions have been providing employees with personal training packages supplied by Les and Landete Health since 2012. We have found the customised service from Les for each of our employees (including myself) to be the perfect way to offer healthy benefits, for life at work and at home."I would highly recommend Landete Health Corporate Packages, as a positive and healthy way to incentivise employees, and to help promote a lifestyle of health and fitness.”

Alexandra Martin, Director – May 2013


Small Group Personal Training

“I am a teacher who was looking to get fitter in a convenient and easy way. So about 4 years ago Les came into my life. A group of us got together with Les after work Mondays and Wednesdays to begin our fitness journey. Around the oval we ran, skipped until our hearts burst, boxed till we dropped, lifted weights and grew muscles we didn’t know we had. The group changed over time but a couple of us stuck to it and felt the benefits.

Les knows when to push, is caring when we hurt, interested in our achievements and often exercised alongside us so we see that tough exercises can be done. For me personally I have found the last 4 years challenging, beneficial, tiring, strengthening and all the time Les has encouraged, accommodated, planned then watched us develop into fitter, healthier and happier ladies.

PS At the end of 2011 I suffered acute liver failure spending 6 weeks in hospital, being told that my life was seriously threatened and then 14 months later I won a gold medal in a mini triathlon – thank you Les."

Maree – May 2013




Personal Training

“I would like to take this opportunity to give personal testament to Claudio Landete (known affectionately as ‘Les’ amongst his clients & friends) on a job well done. In an industry that is result-driven, Les never fails to deliver. I am 72 years of age and have been benefiting from Les’ watchful eye for nearly three years now. Within this time, Les has used his knowledge and expertise to guide me through health and fitness challenges such as high blood pressure, arthritis, and more recently, breast cancer. Needless to say, Les has gone above and beyond the call of duty during our time together; and it is this personal investment Les is willing to make in his clients that really sets him aside.

The results I have achieved under Les’ professional regiment speak for themselves. Overall, I am a younger, fitter, healthier, happier, more resilient, more flexible and more mobile version of myself; and I leave each training session feeling energised and revitalised. Always one to greet you with a smile, Les’ can-do attitude, positive outlook and undying energy is both infectious and inspiring. Les prides himself on ‘practising what he preaches’, therefore, he is always leading by example and has proven to be a great role model for those lucky enough to work alongside him. While Les remains the upmost professional at all times, we have formed a great friendship over these years and I suppose it is just an added bonus at the end of the day that he also happens to have a great sense of humour and realistic approach to all life can throw at you! Should Les ever require a character or professional reference, I would insist Les refers the request to me, where he can be sure to receive the highest praise and accolades he deserves.

P Hughes – February 2013

Post Natal Program

“I started training with Les around 3 months after my son was born and it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time! Landete Health is a great studio where you feel comfortable to work out in small groups without feeling intimidated like a lot of gyms can make you feel. The post natal fitness group is really great to get the strength back that carrying a baby takes away! I have regained a lot of core strength that I thought was lost forever! And having your baby right there puts your mind at ease. Les is awesome, he always encourages all his clients and gives you motivation when your feeling off track. I can’t recommend Landete Heath highly enough, for what ever your goals are Les with get you there.

T Evans Feb 2014

“I commenced training with Landete Health after the birth of my baby daughter. Exercise was the last thing I felt like doing (especially as I was still having sleepless nights!) but I found myself really looking forward to my classes. I would say that I am now in better shape than my pre-pregnancy self!"My little one also enjoys the chance to hang out with her little mates! I’ve since introduced other new mums to Landete Health and they too share my enthusiasm. Thanks Les for getting me back on track and Kate for caring for our little treasures!".

Jo P – November 2012

“I’ve had plenty of gym and personal training in my time but nothing to match the Landete Health experience. Les Landete‘s skill, knowledge and his ability to get the best out of us while still allowing us to have fun and catch up with each other is really special."

Mel T – November 2012