*** A little something to inspire us all ***
A big congratulations to one of our long term clients Maree for winning first place at a mini triathlon in Penrith!!! She slogged it out in a 150m swim, 5 km bike ride and 1km run in the 50 – 60’s age group.

“I am a teacher who was looking to get fitter in a convenient and easy way. So about 4 years ago Les came into my life. A group of us got together with Les after work Mondays and Wednesdays to begin our fitness journey. Around the oval we ran, skipped until our hearts burst, boxed till we dropped, lifted weights and grew muscles we didn’t know we had. The group changed over time but a couple of us stuck to it and felt the benefits. Les knows when to push, is caring when we hurt, interested in our achievements and often exercised alongside us so we see that tough exercises can be done.
For me personally I have found the last 4 years challenging, beneficial, tiring, strengthening and all the time Les has encouraged, accommodated, planned then watched us develop into fitter, healthier  and happier ladies.
PS At the end of 2011 I suffered acute liver failure spending 6 weeks in hospital, being told that my life was seriously threatened and then 14 months later I won a gold medal in a mini triathlon – thank you Les.”  – Maree May 2013