The first of our monthly fitness testing events is now live! Click on the link below to grab your tickets.
Friday 28th May 6pm – 730pm.
An essential part of any fitness program is tracking and measuring how you are going so you know if its working or you need to make some changes.
And you cant track your results if you don’t work out what your baseline is first!
So our head coach/ exercise scientist Les will be running fitness testing once a month from now on for Landete Health members and friends who want to take their health seriously.
This is suitable for all fitness levels and a great tool for you to make sure you get the best out of your fitness programs whether that’s in a gym, at home, in a sports team – whatever you are doing.
$25 per person – purchase your ticket below.
You will receive a printed summary of your results so you can keep track of how you go month to month.