So after many weeks of supporting Les’s body building – the training, the food preparation, that tan and of course the trophy! – I have decided that it is my turn to share my journey and hope that some women can relate to it and even more importantly be motivated by it. I am not competing in anything, not a fitness model or a gym fanatic – I am a mum. A mum who needs to be strong, fit and healthy for her kids and her family. I have 2 beautiful babies, a 20 month old and an 8 week old so needless to say I am BUSY! I have enjoyed the first 8 weeks of my son’s life as a new mum should – at home giving my body time to recover, enjoying newborn cuddles and functioning on very little sleep. But I have had the all clear to exercise again and today was my first day back in the studio! Woo hoo! I weigh 75kgs and am 39% body fat so there is  work to do. I won’t be posting pictures of myself in my underwear – its Winter so its cold and I plain don’t want to – but I will give you progress reports. Probably not weekly as sometimes I don’t even know what day it is. Let’s set the record straight – I am not doing this to become a Victoria Secret model! I am doing this to help my body recover after child birth, to be stronger so I can carry my kids, to have more energy so I can play with my kids and to just stay healthy (sane) – mind and body.  I feel like a different person from something as simple as a walk today. It did help that I LOVE my awesome training shoes 🙂 Back to the point, thanks Les for watching the kids so I could get out of the house and to all the Landete Health Mums – and any new ones who find us through this post – get up, get motivated, get active. If you have a million excuses not to exercise today – take a quick look at your kids – they should be one huge reason you stay healthy.