We are very excited to welcome two wonderful female instructors to our team from Term 2, 2015 to help us expand on the health and fitness services we provide to new mums. With two small children of our own Post Natal Health and Fitness is something that is very dear to our hearts and we have specialised in it for the past 3 years. On top of our 6 week post natal fitness program and mums and bubs fitness we now offer yoga and pilates.

Our goal is to provide Mums on the coast with a welcoming, supportive space where they can come to be active and healthy, learn how to look after themselves post baby and meet other mums and their children. At a recent presentation by Dr John Irvine,  he referred to becoming a parent as becoming part of a “tribe”. You do not know each other yet ,but from the moment you become a parent you are part of a tribe of people going through the exact ups and downs as you. So we invite you to come and meet some of your tribe at Landete Health 🙂

So let us introduce Rachel from CopaYoga and Nikki from Pilates with Nikki.

Rachel will be teaching Yoga Mondays at 10am and Nikki teaching Pilates on Wednesdays 1015am.

My love affair with yoga started in 2010 while I was managing a buzzing Sydney café. A customer offered to teach us yoga after hours to calm our aching muscles and relieve stress. From the first class I was in love! Not long after, I travelled to Vancouver, Canada, where I did my teacher training with Semperviva Yoga.

The feeling I get after a yoga class is the reason I am passionate about teaching others yoga. I feel energized, inspired, and to put simply – happy. It gives me the physical and mental strength to take on anything throughout the day. I found yoga to be most valuable during and after my pregnancies. Before giving birth I found yoga an activity I could do, by modifying poses depending on how I felt that day and in that moment, all while reaping the benefits. Postnatal, it helped me to reconnect with every muscle in my fragile body in a controlled way. It also taught me to breathe properly and saved my pelvic floor muscles, which will benefit me for years to come.

Even though I teach yoga I’ll always continue to be a student. I am currently studying with Bianca Machliss at Yoga Synergy and I teach their style of yoga in my own studio at CopaYoga, in Copacabana. I love my practice as a mum because it’s something that doesn’t have to be time consuming and is also an exercise my children can be involved in and enjoy! I would encourage anyone from any background, occupation, ability or age to discover how good you can and should feel through yoga.

Nikki was a student of Classique Dance and this is where she was first introduced to Pilates. She regularly attended Classical Ballet classes from a young age and received her ballet training from Sally Benyon and Kerrie Smith. Nikki received thorough training in the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus, achieving her Vocational exams with excellent results and gaining a large amount of performance experience.
In 2008, Nikki completed a Diploma in Beauty Therapy, working as a Beauty Therapist and eventually opening her own Mobile Spray Tanning business. After travelling Europe in 2011 for several months, she returned back to Australia and commenced her Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction, where she could utilise her passion for dance and for helping people. Nikki completed the Diploma with Pilates International in 2012 and commenced teaching Pilates, in a studio environment as well as with dance schools. Nikki has developed a passion for Pilates and is a precise and technical instructor.

With her background in Classical Dance, Nikki has a particular interest in Pilates for young dancers, understanding the synergy between the two in preventing injury, and strengthening the technique of a young and developing dancer. Nikki’s Pilates classes are focused and refined nurturing individual needs, combining mind and body to create greater body awareness.

Term 2 begins Monday 20th April for 10 weeks. Contact us at info@landetehealth.com.au for more information and to sign up to any of our classes.