We are very excited to announce that Sonia from Green Point Yoga will be starting a 6 week prenatal yoga course at Landete Health this May. Sonia is absolutely lovely and we cannot wait to introduce her to expecting mums on the Central Coast. Please share this flyer with any expecting mums you may know so they can enjoy one of these beautiful classes. Classes sizes are kept small to ensure a more personal experience so please contact info@landetehealth.com.au or sonia@greenpointyoga.com.au for more info or to book your place.

A bit about Sonia………

I have been teaching prenatal yoga since early 2007. Out of all the classes I have taught over the years, prenatal yoga has been my passion.

Pregnancy is such a special time in a woman’s life. I have felt blessed that women have attended my classes and allowed me to be a part of and to share in their experience, albeit a small part.
Sharing the gifts of yoga and helping women to prepare for labour and the birth of their baby is fulfilling for me. I love to see women bloom throughout their pregnancy.
99% of women who attend prenatal yoga classes have never practiced yoga.  There are many poses which are not practiced during pregnancy, and many that are will usually be modified as the pregnancy progresses.
The comfort and well being of the expectant mother and her baby are of the utmost importance.
Appropriate yoga poses are used during pregnancy to address any issues which may arise eg; leg cramps or sciatica, as well as helping women to remain comfortable and strong.
The breathing practices help to calm and ground.
The guided relaxations allow women to feel relaxed & nurtured and allows them to connect with their baby.
My previous students have all reported that the breathing practices and the focus on their breath, together with some of the poses, have kept them calm, focused and able to effectively manage labour pain.
Many have also reported shorter labours. My last three students, all first time mums-to-be,  had labours lasting 5 to 5 1/2 hours only. The average is around 13 hours.
I am a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Australia.