One of our beautiful clients welcomed her little girl into the world a few weeks ago and we feel very privileged to have been a part of the team looking after her during her pregnancy. Check out what she had to say about training with Les.

“Having already trained with Landete Health for 2 years prior to falling pregnant, I understood the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle. Once pregnant, I wanted to continue this lifestyle in an environment where I felt safe, comfortable, encouraged and challenged within the parameters of pregnancy.
I started Personal Training sessions at 16 weeks after attending regular classes became too much. I continued a once-weekly program until I reached 35 weeks. I delivered a healthy, happy baby at 36 (+2) weeks. I believe the combination of strength training, light cardio and stretching allowed me to feel strong throughout labour and assisted me to achieve a natural childbirth with no complications.
My next step is to begin Landete Health’s Post-Natal program in order to recover from pregnancy and birthing.
I have recommended Landete Health to many people in the past and I continue to recommend them as the clear first choice for fitness and personal training on the Central Coast!”
Thanks guys!