At Landete Health our aim is to educate our clients about the importance of maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mind. Most people already know what they “should” be doing, like eating a well balanced diet, getting regular exercise and making time to calm the mind as well, but it is scary how easily we all come up with excuses for not looking after ourselves instead of just doing it!

We understand what it means to be busy; work, study, children, social commitments – life! But it is so very important to make time for yourself to just stop and unwind. A moment to refocus and re-energise.  So this is our gift to you 🙂

Every month Landete Health runs what we like to call a “Chill Out” session. It is an hour of gentle stretching and relaxation to a backdrop of relaxing music, candles and herbal tea. We want to encourage everyone to take just an hour out of their busy lives to nourish their mind and body in a quiet, calm, welcoming place. The session will help to promote a better nights sleep, reduce stress, ease muscular tension and improve overall feeling of wellbeing.

It is just one hour, once a month – don’t you deserve a moments peace and quiet? Next session is this Friday 28 March at 7pm – Davistown Progress Hall. Please contact us at if you would like to book your relaxation space.